A Square Station interchange in Paris

Stations are the bread and butter of Mini Metro. Passengers will spawn at stations, and must be transported to a particular station type. Some types of station are more common than others. Circle stations, for example, are the most common in the game, whilst there are several unique stations that will each appear only one per game. Circle stations also have the special property of being able to spontaneously turn into any other station type, forcing the player to re-evaluate their network.New stations will appear on the edges of the map as the game develops, forcing the network to expand to fit them in. A buildup of passengers at a station for too long will end the game in Normal and Extreme modes, and increase efficiency on Endless.

Stations have different appearances in different cities. Most cities have stations that are white with a black outline, with outlines of varying width. Melbourne has black stations with white outlines.

Common Stations

There are three types of common stations - while some are more common than others they all appear more than once per map. Each of the three stations is present as one of the three starting stations.

Station Type Icon Rarity
Circle Station
Most Common
Triangle Station
Square Station

Unique Stations

There are a variety of unique stations - they only appear once if at all per map. An efficient network will allow passengers to quickly travel to these locations no matter where they begin their journey, whilst an inefficient one will see them stacking up at interchanges.

Station Type Icon Rarity
Star Station StarStation Unique
Pentagon Station PentagonStation Unique
Rhombus Station DiamondStation Unique
Cross Station CrossStation Unique
Water Drop Station TearDropStation Unique
Diamond Station Gem Station Unique
Football Station Oval3 Unique

Interchange Stations

A station can be upgraded to an Interchange station. Interchanges have a higher passenger capacities than regular stations, allowing them to hold 18 passengers without overloading, as well as an incredibly fast passenger transfer speed.